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Phillippa spent her childhood in East Africa. She vividly remembers lions roaring at night, making the windows shake as they walked round the house when the family lived in Geita. Then they moved, again and again, ending up in Dar-es-salaam.

She then went on to read a B.A History degree at Oxford. As an adult student, she did Mural Design at Chelsea School of Art followed by an MA in printmaking at Wimbledon 1988-91. She was the first student Wimbledon had who used the computer in her printmaking process. Those methods have now become standard.

She has taken part in numerous group shows, been involved in running Bowarts Trust Studios in the East End which started with forty students and by the time she left in 2007 to take a studio in Thames Ditton, there were over eighty and the Trust had acquired its own gallery, the Nunnery. She has always taken part in Open Studio events, whether at Bow, Thames Ditton (Surrey Arts) or Wandsworth Open House Weekends where she lives. The Cake Heads, mainly of politicians, was to create an interactive event, both for Open House events and solo shows.

Her paintings usually concentrate on urban life and are inspired by events, whether family or public. She has also started doing egg tempera portraits. 

She has won several prizes for her printmaking and there was television coverage of her Nigel Farage Cake head. 

Most of her work is for Sale so do contact her if you are interested in her work. 


This print was based on a drawing looking out from our flat. I just liked how it was a mixed group just sitting together. It was said the house had been a German brothel in the days when Tanzania was a German colony.This image was drawn in 1964.

Phillippa 2021
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