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Phillippa is a prolific artist, whose work spans printmaking, painting, cake heads, clay and stained glass and which is notable for use of strong colour and movement. Once she discovered the joys of drawing on the computer (back in the 80s) she became interested in marrying new technology with traditional techniques, especially in printmaking. She was one of the first to use the computer in the process of printmaking for both screen prints and etchings.




Her paintings centre on communication between people, often in an urban setting and sometimes inspired by group events whether family or public while her woodcuts explore the language of mark making and are normally abstract.




Phillippa believes that while art is a serious business, it can also be fun. Her cake heads, mainly of politicians illustrate this and it also provides an opportunity for people to interact with the art. After all, they eat it. She has now produced her first video which features various exhibitions, centring on the Cake Heads. 



A new round of Wandsworth Open House 2017 is nearly on us. I must apologize for not updating my website sooner and there is still quite a bit of work that remains to be uploaded. Donald Trump is the chosen Cake Head for this year, and he has already been on display in Hackney Wick. He will be cut, sliced and eaten on October 15th. For further details